Javier Aparicio Frago announced as resident artist at BME in 2024

In 2023, the BME Art Residency Program announced a call for artists in the European Union to spend a month at the university collaborating with researchers. The jury picked a Spanish artist, Javier Aparicio Frago as the first foreign resident in the program. He will work at the the Department of Stochastics on the research topic “The World of Fractals” announced by supervisors Balázs Bárány, Roland Molontay and Károly Simon. He will also collaborate with the Hungarian resident artists at BME and meet other artists based in Budapest. His residency period will take place some time in Spring 2024.

The president of the jury, Balázs Kicsiny said that „Javier Aparicio Frago creates artworks, paintings and multimedia installations using traditional and digital techniques. His application for the research theme World of Fractals aims to explore the visual representation of fractals. During the residency programme, Javier Aparicio Frago intends to create works that combine the objective world of mathematics and geometry with the artist’s subjective freedom to create images.”

Javier Aparicio Frago: Land17

Featured image: JL G’s picture from Pixabay